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GOLF.com Feature

Two 'Hamilton' stars have created an ingenious golf accessory. How cool is this article?!


3 in 1: Divot Tool, Tee Holder, Ball Marker

The Golf Accessory for your Accessories

Though we can’t promise to add distance to your tee shot or help your short game, we can claim to make your day on the links just a wee bit more enjoyable. If you’ve ever been poked in the thigh by an ill-placed divot tool or inexplicably lost more tees than you can count, then you understand those annoyances we speak of. SHUCADDY is better than even the best of human caddies. First, because most of us don’t know the luxury of paying someone to follow us around the golf course, catering to our every need. Second, because SHUCADDY does its job without critical or unasked-for advice. This golf accessory simply keeps what you need within arm’s reach. Get yours. Get organized. Get playin’.