My name is Miguel Cervantes. My night job is playing Alexander Hamilton in the Chicago production of Hamilton. But my day job is inventor of the SHUCADDY. I started playing golf a couple of years ago. I realized very quickly how fun and addictive this game can be. I also realized that I was having a hard time keeping up with the little “stuff” that every golfer should have while playing a round. Tees, ball marker, and divot fixer.

I was always searching through a pocket for a tee or ball mark only to realize it was in the other pocket, or more often, gone forever. And maybe I also lost my father-in-law’s college branded ball mark. So I decided to go buy a holder for all my stuff. More specifically I thought that since all of that gear is used on the ground, wouldn’t it make sense to keep it close to the ground. I couldn’t find anything.

So I made it.

I drew a sketch and worked with my partner, Heather, who was the wardrobe supervisor (she made sure ALL the costumes on stage looked good) and input from King George himself, to build the first prototype out of a hair clip. MANY MANY versions later we landed on the SHUCADDY.

I know what you might say:

I don’t want to bend down.”  You’re already down there!

What’s wrong with using your pockets?”  Nothing, if you like getting poked in the thigh with a divot tool or tee. Or searching for a ball mark while your buddy, who is still dreaming of going pro, is waiting for you to get out of their line.

Its gonna be in my line of sight when I’m addressing the ball.” You might be right. That ball definitely went in the water because of a colorful shoe accessory.

So give it a try. Fair warning, old habits are hard to break. You will still find yourself going to your pockets for a while. But eventually you may be wondering why you ever kept that stuff anywhere else but in your SHUCADDY.

Get outta your pockets.