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The SHUCADDY 2.0 is an all-in-one golf accessory clip designed to streamline your golf game!  

  • Keep everything right where you need it when you need it.
  • Features a reinforced stainless-steel clip that can be attached almost anywhere, including your shoelaces, belt, pocket, or golf bag. 
  • Includes a polished iron divot tool, built-in super-strong N50 magnet, polished iron golf ball marker (can be replaced with your favorite metal marker) and two wood golf tees.

You have talked and we have listened! The new and improved SHUCADDY 2.0 was redesigned with a reinforced stainless steel metal clip that is guaranteed not to break, allowing you to clip your SHUCADDY in more places. 

“What’s wrong with using your pockets?” Nothing, if you like getting poked in the thigh with a divot tool or tee. Or searching for a ball mark while your buddy, who is still dreaming of going pro, is waiting for you to get out of their line.

“Its gonna be in my line of sight when I’m addressing the ball.” You might be right. That ball definitely went in the water because of a colorful shoe accessory.

Product Features:

  • Heavy duty canvas material for long-lasting durability.
  • Polished iron divot tool for golf course repair.
  • Built-in heavy-duty N50 magnet keeps ball marker in place for easy access.
  • Quarter-sized polished iron ball marker w/ logo (can be easily swapped out with your favorite ball marker)
  • Reinforced stainless steel clip designed to clip almost anywhere, including your shoelaces, belt, pocket, or golf bag and is guaranteed not to break.
  • Two wood 2 ¾” golf tees. (2 ¾” is the recommended size to use, however it can fit everything except for wide body martini glass tees. Longer tees may poke you and shorter tees may be harder to access)

 Get Yours. Get organized. Get in the game.

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